Quantum Pollution

    Quantum computing is no longer science fiction.

    Google is already producing quantum pollution every time it runs its quantum algorithms for the NSA on the new D-Wave quantum computer.

    Irreparable damage is being done to 2510 parallel universes.

    New technologies have often brought major new sources of pollution, which are generally ignored until they build up to disaster.

    The smoke stacks of the Industrial Revolution spewed unregulated smoke, soot, and toxic gases until the air pollution started killing large numbers of people, such as one week in 1873 when more than 700 people died of smog in London.

    The chemical outflow of factories into rivers was ignored until rivers started catching on fire, such as 13 fires on the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland from 1868 to 1969.

    The strip mining for coal eventually led to mountaintop removal mining in the Appalachian mountains.

    The latest technology with unregulated pollution is quantum computing, which takes the idea of pollution to a whole new level, because it pollutes a large number of parallel universes.

    As quantum computing becomes more common (already out of the lab at Rockwell and Google) there is the question as to whether or not quantum pollution actually exists.

    David Deutsch stated in the 1970s that working quantum computers would be experimental proof of quantum physic’s prediction of parallel universes because the superpositions are too much information to fit into our universe and require a large number of entangled particles in parallel universes.

    Every time we measure a qubit, we “fix” its state in our classical universe and simultaneously “fix” the entangled particles in the many parallel universes.

    Even though quantum computing operates on the very small quantum scale, the butterfly effect (in which a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can lead to a hurricane in the Caribbean) can cause small quantum effects to grow to very large-scale results. Here on earth there are monster rogue waves in the seas, mostly from wind effects, but some which are attributable to qunatum effects. Hawking radiation will cause even super massive black holes to eventually dissipate entirely.

    The change of a single electron’s state at the birth of our solar system would have caused an entirely different solar system to come into existence. Hawking radiation describes a quantum process that causes super-massive black holes to completely dissipate over hundreds of billions of years.

    Quantum humor: A police officer pulls over Heisenberg and asks, “Do you know how fast you were going?”. Heisenberg responds with, “No, but I know exactly where I am!”

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